Luke 5:1-11

Luke 5:1-11

In the last study, I made a comment that Old Testament narratives are God-centered. I want to clarify this... ALL SCRIPTURE is God-centered.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to make Scripture man-centered. We see a story and think the story is about a certain man. Or we read the story and miss the whole meaning and purpose in order to make it revolve around what we want.

As an example, at a church I was attending the pastor did a sermon on Luke 5:1-11. I would encourage you to look at this passage with this instructional text. This is the story of where Christ meets Simon for the first time, gets in Simons boat to teach, tell's Simon to cast his nets on the other side, Simon catches more fish than he can handle, and Christ calls Simon into the ministry of following Him. The focal point of the pastor's sermon was that God will bless your business if you obey Christ. This is a very man-centered way of looking at this story.

Let's look at the God-centered way. Jesus shows Himself through is power over nature. It was obvious to Simon because Simon begs Christ to leave (vs 8). In this showing of His power over nature, Christ gives a living prophecy of Simon's future then makes the call, "From now on you will catch men" (vs 10). We see this fulfilled in Acts 2 when Simon, now Peter, preaches and three thousand men come to faith in Christ. Simon see's so much value in Christ that the author makes the note that Simon left everything he toiled all night to get in order to follow Christ (vs 11).

To take this section of Scripture and turn it into a prosperity message is a complete abuse of Scripture and a twisted association of the purpose of it.

I have a piece of information that will come to a shock to many... we are not the center of God's Universe - God is the center of God's Universe. Everything He does is to prove His Glory (Is 48:9, Ezk 36:22, 1 Cor 10:31, John 17:1-26, John 12:27). His Grace to people who don't deserve it proves His Glory. His love for people who are unloving toward Him proves His Glory. His pouring out His wrath on His Son who did nothing so that He does not have to pour it out on us proves His Glory. We need to stop placing ourselves front and center and step back so God can take his rightful position of Glory ahead of us, our desires, and our wants.