How many of each animal did Noah carry on the Ark? Most people say two, but he actually carried seven of each of the clean and the bird of the air.

How old was Jesus when the Magi came to visit Him; and how many Magi were there? Most people believe there were three Magi and they came to visit Jesus at or near His birth. Actually, the Hebrew word for child in the passage means toddler. Jesus was around the age of two at the time the Magi showed.

Through time, we have learned things that are actually incorrect; and they continue to be parroted. It has caused great confusion among Christians, and especially non-Christians. The Bible is NOT a confusing book. The problem typically lies in the fact that people typically take things at face value, follow a trust in others who teach them, and just don’t take the time to truly study it.

Proverbs 2:3-5
3 Yea, if you cry after knowledge, and lift up your voice for understanding; 4 If you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hid treasures; 5 Then will you understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.

In my digging for the golden nuggets of Holy Scripture, I use King James, Geneva, and Aramaic Bibles; along with several dictionaries, history, and linguistic studies. Why do I use so many resources?

I encourage everyone to do a deep study of the Word of God: it is how we learn about Him. Jesus is the groom and the church is the bride: are we not supposed to study and learn about the groom? When I was dating my wife, and even now 25 years later, I want to know more than just what’s on the surface of my wife; I want to know the very depths of her. This is what I want to know of my Messiah.

While many believe the original writings were Greek and Hebrew, they were actually Aramaic and Hebrew; which has only a slight vernacular difference from Aramaic. From the Aramaic and Hebrew writings came the Septuagint, which most know as the Greek writings. From these writings came the Latin text. While most modern Bibles, written after 1900, came from a distorted and questionable Septuagint, written in the 19th century and with as many as 23,000 corrections made to it (See Bible), the King James Bibles came from the Received Text and Latin Vulgate and the Geneva solely from the Received Text of the Hebrew and original Greek manuscripts, passed down through the ages.

The original Septuagint was written by Greeks who were once pagans, following other gods, and had many pagan theologies embedded in them. Many of those paganistic theologies made it into the Septuagint, commingled with the things of God. This commingling passed down to both the Geneva and King James versions: more in King James then Geneva.

When looking at Bibles, you will hear a term: “Authorized”: this often gives the illusion that it’s a good writing. The “authorized” Bibles (not to be mistaken for the version which goes by the name “Authorized Version”) means the text was “authorized” by either a religious organization or a political one. For example, the Latin Vulgate is “authorized” by the Vatican. The “Authorized Version” and the “American Standard Version” are “authorized” by the Jehovah’s Witnesses: obtained in 1944. The 1611 King James Version was “authorized” by King James of England because the previous popular Bible (Geneva) took the authority from the King and gave it to Messiah Yeshua.

All versions of the Bible used today make use of the Latin Vulgate, which is the Catholic Bible, including the King James Version: the Geneva does not use the Vulgate. The more modern Bibles introduce large amounts of paganism and work towards a removal of the deity of Messiah Yeshua. The 1611 King James, while keeping the power and deity of the Messiah intact, also introduced paganism into Christianity. The 1611 introduced the term “easter” into text (a pagan holiday forbid by YHWH(See Easter))(Acts 12:4), and it co-mingled the god “zeus” with the prophet Elijah by naming him Elizeus (Luke 4:27 of the 1611 KJV). This is not surprising since the original Septuagint commingled the god “zeus” with the name of the Messiah “Yeshua” coming up with the name “Ieosus”, pronounced “Yee-zeus”. From this name came the original name we know today: “Jesus”, which was originally pronounced the same as the Greek vernacular.

This brings me to the Geneva Bible; which is the only full Bible, in use today, which is an unauthorized Bible. After young King Edward VI died and passed his throne to his cousin Lady Jane Grey, Edwards sister removed Grey from the throne just nine days later and the reign of “Bloody Mary” started. The reformers fled to Geneva, under the protection of John Calvin, taking the Hebrew and Greek texts with them. Having all the textual writings, they set out to print a Bible without any intervention from either religious or political pressure: this became known as the Geneva Bible.

Because of the errors that came into the text because of a vast amount of pagan theology, I like to use the Aramaic text. This is not the original text, as that text is no longer with us, but, like the Torah, has been copied from generation to generation; with little error. It’s still not perfect, this is why I like to use the three together.

The Geneva was written in middle and early modern English. The 1611 King James was written in old English. I use these two together because they are close with only small differences. It’s these differences that help in study. I can take the two different words, look up the definition for both and find the matching definition. This then gives a better clarity at what was being seen in the Received Text and what is meant in the passage. I can look at the Aramaic to check its position of that text then look at any relative history needed, and come to the conclusion based on the context of the entire Scripture.

The writings in this section are what I have found to be the truth in scripture. They are a work over a few years and the knowledge within them range based on my experience in research over those years.

Blessings in Adonai and enjoy.

God Bless
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