Everyone has a level of racism. If a person walks into a room with blacks seated on one side and whites on the other, even a person who does not see racism in their lives will pick the side which is the same color as they are. Therefore, racism comes more in degree than in kind.

From the beginning, the Bible pictures a basic unity behind worldly diversity. Genesis one man is made in the image of God and by Genesis ten there are clans, languages, lands, and nations. All the divisions trace their ancestry back to Noah; who is traced back to Adam and Eve (Act 17:26).

What race was Adam and Eve? Human race.

What color were Adam and Eve? The Bible does not say because God’s Word does not equate membership in the human race by skin tone. Therefore, it does not matter what color anyone is because all of us have the same root as part of the same race. We are the same race, just different tones of that race.

To discuss diversity in terms of different races is to undercut unity in the human race; and undercuts the goal of the Gospel (Acts 1:8)

Every time we see racial diversity in the Bible we see a picture of selfish pride and ethnic prejudice between those people; mistreating one another.

Revelation talks about unity in our diversity (Revelation 7:9) standing before the throne of God. Therefore, we must put aside all prejudice of race and unite under one... human race.

Don’t ignore differences but allow our differences to shape and mold us to better people.