There are some who believe that the Bible was made up either by government for control or man for a new type of religion. I say that both are impossible. Here’s why; first my response to the government. The writings of the Bible were in existence before the Bible was canonized: it’s been proven by the finding of ancient documents older than the Bible canonization; and those ancient documents match the text of our Bible. The dating of the text dates back to a time that it was illegal to be a Christian. In other words, government killed people where followed the text that we now call the Bible; therefore, the government could not have made up the text for control because they did not like the text. Now my response to the Bible being written by man to make a new religion; because this to is impossible. Since the government was killing people who professed to follow these writings, it would be completely ridiculous for anyone to write these, and follow these documents. Remember that the persecution of professing Christians started before these documents were written and continued for a time after. So, for people to be willing to be sawed in half, burned, boiled in oil, crucified, skinned alive, and the likes for something that was not true and something they made up would be completely insane.