The group of children sat around the room in a circle and a child on the end of the line whispers in the ear of the one next to him. That child then whispered the phrase to the one next to him and so forth until it reached the end of the line. When the child at the end of the line said the phrase, everyone looked at the first child. The first child repeated the original statement and it was very different from what the last child said. The children started to discuss what they thought they had herd, trying to determine where it went wrong.

Most everyone reading this has played the telephone game, we are in one right now. The Holy Bible is the beginning source for the passing of information from one generation to the next. We’re reaching the end of that line and the information is far different from what Holy Scripture gives us. Why is it so different? Unlike the children in this game, and unlike the Berean’s, we are not going back to the source; at least not to do any more than look at verses pulled from context to support a specific belief.

It’s when I started reading the Holy Scriptures that I found out the teachings of the religions, to the people in the churches, were lies which had been passed down over time. Usually its error; but, its error that’s created a false christ, a false salvation, and a false christian walk: this is important to know and understand when we read passages as Matt 7:21-23; 2 Tim 3:1-5, 7; Rev 3:16; and many more.

So, working very hard to put away religious teachings, I study the Holy Scriptures using the King James Version, Geneva, Aramaic writings, vast amounts of history, along with study of language and dialect of the time; so I can come up with the truth of what is being said and understand many of the mysteries of Scripture. It is my passion, my love, I am addicted to the Written Word of Holy Scripture.