There are a number of Biblical Truths that most of today's churches would not dare touch; if they did, they would lose most of their congregation. The whole purpose of a Christian studying God’s Word is to be molded more into the image of Christ. Yet, sometimes these truths of God’s Word are painful. If we truly desire a walk with God and a life that reflects Christ, we will not only look for these truths but we will also apply them to our lives.

This section of videos are teachings that reveal the hardcore Biblical truths and compare them to our lives. This section of videos is not for the weak of heart towards the things of God. This section of videos is for those who honestly want a walk that is Biblically close to our Creator, our Savior, and our King. Use these studies as a foundation for your own study on the subjects presented, and use that study as an honest comparison of your life.

Blessings in Elohim