I'm driving along and was in grossed in a sermon I was listening to; and I was not paying attention to my speed. I got pulled over by a police officer. I was under liberty when I was not speeding, but now that I was speeding I was under the law. If that officer was to show me mercy, which he did not, and let me go I would now not be under law but under grace. So now that I am under grace I rev my engine and I peel out and start speeding again. No, I would I turn my signal on to merge and ease off slowly because I would not want to insult his mercy.


Dad tells his son to go mow the lawn. The child takes the mower, doesn't' check the oil, and mows the grass leaving ribbons of lawn un-mowed. Later he takes the care out without permission and get's into an accident killing someone. He doesn't have a drivers license so he's arrested. Mom and dad put up the mortgage on the home to pay bail for the boy. Several days later dad asks his son to mow the lawn and the boy checks the oil then gives the lawn a fine manicure. He now understands and appreciates all his parents have done and wants to do as would please them.


A young girl was dating a soldier, she just loved men in uniform. The problem is she was looking at the uniform and not what was inside. After they married she found out he was very strict. Each morning she had a list of chores she had to accomplish through the day. Her husband ended up dying in war and a while later she found another man. This time she looked at what was on the inside and this man was kind and caring. Several years later she was cleaning out the attic and out of a book fell one of those old list's from her first husband. When she saw it, the hair started to stand up on the back of her neck and she thought, "What audacity he had to give me a list of things each day". As she started to read over the list she realized that she was doing all the same things as she did before; but she was doing it because she loved him.

Some people look at God as a tyrant who is giving them a list. Once one falls in love with Him it becomes a pleasure to do the things that please Him.


A father was taking his two son's on a boat ride through the Caribbean. They get to a location where there use to be a chicken slaughter house on one of the islands and they would dump the chicken waste into the water, so the waters were infested with sharks. He told his son's, what ever you do, don't go swimming here.

The boys were playing around and one shoved the other who went overboard while grabbing hold of his brother and sending him overboard with him. The father heard the splash and went running to the back of the boat. He told his boys to calmly swim out of the water. The boys continued to horse around in the water and the dad started to see shadows appear, circling the boys. He told them sharks are in the water; but because they did not see the dorsal fins, they did not believe him.

The father knew it would not be long and knowing how sharks operate, he cut his wrist and jumped into the water on the other side of the boat, swimming in the opposite direction of the boys.

The boys saw the water churn where their father was, and blood flow up.

How would the father feel if the boys stayed in the water? How much more can that father do, if they decide to stay in the water?

Salvation is our decision based on whether or not we stay in the water.