Yesterday, I was talking to a good friend of mine for quite some time. We often discuss Biblical subjects that end up on a range that would leave most people’s heads spinning. I enjoy talking to them because we can discuss Scripture we don’t agree on without an argument breaking out to a point that friends become enemies - that’s rare.

The reason it’s rare is that most people don’t want to be wrong or they so desperately want to believe a lie that they will strongly argue a point. My friend and I know that we are often in error and therefore discuss not to prove a point but to be able to get better insights into the truth of Scripture and the character of God - this is called “steel sharpening steel”.

Just yesterday I found myself wrong on at least one belief I had about a Scripture; and this pushes me to go back and study, not in the way that I want to prove the desired belief; but, I study to see the truth of what was being said in the context for which it was written.

The point is, as knowledgeable as people say I am about Scripture, I can be in error, and that’s okay. It’s okay for me to be in error because I’m just a man, a human full of flaws and one who does not stand above the task of error. Since I can be in error, if I post something on Facebook and a person properly shows the context of Scripture that may show my error but yet teaches so many on my page truth of study and Scriptural points then I dare not delete the post. It’s not wrong for me to be wrong, it’s only wrong for me to try and hide the fact that I can be wrong. The fact that I’m wrong only shows my humanity and the lesson taught me on the subject is likely to teach another on my page - that is “steel sharpening steel”.

Let us get past the desire to always be right, that’s who the world is and the cause of much of the turmoil today. Let us also get past the point of fighting to believe something we want rather than the fact of what is which keeps us living in error along with others that may look up to us. Let us have a desire to learn and grow and for others to learn and grow because that is the Kingdom of God and it sets us apart from the world. Yet, in order for us to learn, we must first admit we are wrong.
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