If I had a dollar for every time I was asked who I was voting for or what my opinion was about the 2016 political race, I would not be worried about my financial security in the future. One reason I get this question so much is because I accurately predicted the outcome of the 2008 election in 2007. As soon as I heard Obama’s announcement it was like God told me the man would win; despite the fact I didn’t want him to. If your an Obama supporter, don’t be offended that I didn’t like “your guy”. I base my vote upon the Bible and honestly... he didn’t meet the criteria... along with most of those who run.

This is a hotter topic this election. I’ve never seen such craziness in the election cycle as I’ve seen this year. Proponents of both sides swear that the country will end if the other person is elected. My thoughts about the selection this year is not much different from any previous elections - well, maybe a little stronger. Strong in the sense that I really don’t like either one.

Here’s my Biblical opinion about who will win:

In Isaiah, God is confronting Israel because of the idolatry they’ve gotten into. When you bring their disobedience into a 21st century America you see that the church is guilty of following the same path. In Isaiah 3:12, God confronts Israel of having a woman rule over them. It’s based upon this Scripture that I believe Hillary will win.

Though I have a belief of who will win, who am I voting for? That seems to be the question but most people really don’t like what I have to say. In Deuteronomy chapter 17 and Exodus 18:21, God tell’s His people what kind of king to appoint. He’s talking to the Jew’s here but the principles still apply to the church today. Neither candidate meets that criteria - not even close. So, the question is, “Do we, as followers of God, vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’ and go against God’s will for our vote or do we not vote?”. With trying to answer this question we need to ask a few more logical questions and give honest answers.

1. Do we follow God and follow His commands?
2. Is it disobedient to vote against God just because it’s the only two people we have to choose from?
3. If we do vote against God, because “our vote will be wasted” or “a no vote is a vote for the ‘bad’ party”, then what are we concerned about that we would vote against God’s will?

I want to address that last question. In full honesty, if we vote against God because we want a vote to count for a leader, the fact is, we are concerned about our money, our safety, our way of living, our freedom. When that is the reason we vote, despite God’s will for a “king”, then we put that individual above God. For, we say that God is not sovereign over our money, our safety, our way of living, our freedom, this man is - and that’s idolatry.

When we vote against God to protect a certain thing, it’s that thing that we will surely loose as a result of our sin.

God bless
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