I've heard it preached that God set up governments; but that is just not true. In fact, 1 Samuel 8 tells us that mans desire to have a government displeased God, and YHWH saw it as a rejection of Him.

The people of God ask for, and put stock in, a human leader and God warned, the leader will take your sons and appoint them into the military. He will place some before him, to guard him, to give their life for him; and appoint some to dictate over others. Your sons and daughters will labor for the leader. He will take the best of what’s yours and give them to those who serve him. You will become his servants by taking a portion of what is yours and giving it to himself and his house. Because you [people of God] look to a human leader rather than to YHWH, you will cry out and the leader you have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not hear you. (1 Samuel 8:1-18)

I’m not surprised by any of the presidents actions (any president) because we tend to look towards a man rather than God. We don’t say that, but if we are honest, our actions prove it. We talk about, post information about, and act like its the white house that blessings and curses come from. We act like our joy or sorrow come from actions of the white house. When we talk about, post about, worry about the white house more than God, we then place the leader of this country as leaders over our lives; we make them our god.

Let us stop looking towards the comforts of this world, which causes us to look to a human leader, and lets look for the pleasures in God that causes us to focus upon God.
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