Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.
(1 John 2:6)

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a man and he asked if Julia was my sister. I told him she was my wife. He noted that we look like brother and sister.

Last week I was sitting with a pastor and a young man who is in an internship at the church. The pastor used the word "dude" in a sentence; then complained that he picked it up from the young man.
It's widely known that married couples, who have been together for a long period of time, start to look like each other. Their mannerisms become the same. Their likes and dislikes become the same. When we hang around people, we tend to pick up mannerisms, words, and phrases used.

Many profess to have a relationship with Christ but if we do not have love for those who hate us, if we don't do good to those who do us wrong, if we don't forgive those who do us wrong, if our actions and desires follow more of the things of this world rather than the will of the Father, do we really have a relationship with Christ.

I'm not speaking this to newly saved people, I'm speaking this to those who claim to have had a relationship for years. If your newly saved, there should have been an initial change; but our looking like the one we love, are married to, hang out with the most comes with time.

In talking to the Jewish Christians some 20-30 years after the death of Christ, the author of Hebrews states that they should have been priest (teachers) by now (5:12). To those of us who have professed a relationship (following) with Christ for several years now, if we can not walk in righteousness but need to return to the milk of the Gospel; unto repentance for sin we are not taking control of, we need to examine that relationship we claim to have. Let us repent and move towards a true relationship with Christ in which we show the Glory of God to the world.
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