Think about this fact a moment: Darkness Does not Exist. As I say that I’m looking out into the night sky; and some might say, “How can you look into the night sky and say darkness does not exist?”.

Let’s look at this based upon what we know. Light definitely exist. You walk into a room and flip the switch and there is light. Yet, darkness does not exist unless there is no light. You buy a flash LIGHT but you do not buy a flash DARK. There’s a LIGHT switch but there is not a DARK switch. Darkness exist ONLY in the absence of light.

Think about this the next time you think about all the darkness in America, and in the world. The darkness ONLY exist because the light has been turned off (Matt 5:14-16). The more the church looks like the world the darker the church gets and the darker the world is. It’s time the light get’s turned back on.
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