CHRIST IN US (Galatians 2:20)

“Beware lest even as a Christian, you fall into Satan’s trap! You may have found and come to know God in the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving Him sincerely as your Redeemer, yet if you do not enter into the mystery of godliness and allow God to be in you the origin of His own image, you will seek to be godly by submitting yourself to external rules and regulations and by conforming to behavior patterns imposed upon you by the particular Christian society that you have chosen and in which you hope to be found ‘acceptable.’ You will in this way perpetuate the pagan habit of practicing religion in the energy of the flesh, and in the very pursuit of righteousness commit idolatry in honoring ‘Christianity’ more than Christ!”
~ Ian Thomas

Many say they are "in Christ" or "Christ is in" them. When we look at the life of Christ what do we see? Do we see a man living in the lap of luxury and playing with the things of this world, ignoring the words of His Father, while following the religious rituals of the day? Or, do we see Him in obedience to the commands of the Father while going against the religious rituals for a God led life; giving up of the riches of Heaven; humbleness to those who persecute Him; and the giving of His time and His life so others can live?

If we live "in Christ" or "Christ lives in" us, would our lives show the attributes, the character, of Christ or will our lives be not much different from the world; refraining from some sin, absorbed in worldly entertainment and pleasures, and running through the pattern of religious rituals that were designed by satan to help us feel better in our lukewarm lives? God help us to realize this truth. God help us to realize our condition.
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