The attached article is about how Brad and Angelina have set their lives for the purpose of helping people in need. In the article, the author says,

“Soon he and Angelina Jolie won't even live on Earth, they'll just dangle above it, in a nursery-equipped Gulfstream IV, sort of the way Brandon Routh's Superman prefers to just float, in the stratosphere, listening acutely, compassionately, for trouble down there, and when he hears it, zoom , down he goes. We were always told that this is what the citizens of the future would do: They would have no fixed address. They would go where needed, constantly, selflessly.”

He then finishes the article by saying,

“Soon Brad or Angie will begin showing up and just laying on hands. He'll spit in the dirt and make clay and rub it on the eyes of the blind. People will clamor just to touch the frayed hem of his cargo pants. As if they already don’t."

To many church goers, the authors comments would seem almost blasphemous as he equated God and Christ like attributes to Brad and Angelina. But, I’m seeing something different, something sad.

Neither Brad nor Angelina show any proclamation of the following of Christ but look at the love, the Biblical love they show. What bothers me is not that it seems almost blasphemous that the author would say what he did about the couple in showing how their actions look so much like Christ. What bothers me is the blasphemous manner in which we, in America, say we follow Christ, we follow His teachings, we follow His love, but we can sit back in our comforts, things, and fatness in food, who's actions look nothing like Christ while we ignore the needs of our community and the world. Why is it that Hollywood is drawing the attention of the media through their loving help of those in need, their compassion, and the church can not draw that same attention. It’s not because the church is ignored by the media. It’s because the church ignores the needy while placing emphasis on buildings, looks and lighting, performances, and Sunday morning reality shows; because it ignores Scripture and the warnings given in it.

We need to dig into the Book we claim to follow. We can not say we follow a Christ who died on a cross of humiliation and suffering and we ourselves never pick up that cross. We need to get our eyes off the things of this world and pick up that cross. If we, who claim to have Christ in us, have less compassion than those of the world then what does that say about our Christ? That is blasphemy.

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