People are asking, “How could they vote in a racist, sexist, pig like Trump?”. To understand this, we must first break down the question and the over all sentiment of the voters.

To say someone was “voted IN” would assume a favorability to that person who was voted in. In other words, to be voted in means people like them. Then there are those who are voted out.

When someone has served some terms in an office and people don’t like them, they will vote in someone else (sometimes someone they don’t know) just to have a change. Historically, the phrase “voted OUT” is used with the disliked individual. This is because the person who is taking over the office was not really voted in, the goal of the people was to vote OUT the old and try something new. The person coming in just happened to be the lucky one running when the level of dislike was so high with the current individual.

Before the election for the 45th American president, there were news reports talking about how the percentage of people who grossly disliked both candidates was at a record high.

Since neither candidate was like this would mean that Trump was not voted IN - Hillary was voted OUT. With a record number of people not liking either candidate, this means that people were truly voting for the “lesser of two evils”. Think about what this means. A key number of constituents (because Hillary received the popular vote) found the evils of Hillary worse than the “racism” and “sexism” that Trump is accused of.

As far as the electoral votes are concerned, it’s been this way from the beginning. In fact, four presidents have won the presidential race while loosing the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush.

The turn of events in this election is this: When Trump thought he was loosing he cried about the voting process and supporters of Hillary mocked him. Now that Trump won, he has no problem with the process and Hillary supporters are crying quite loud, have spouted hateful remarks, destroyed things, called names, etc. They have become that which they mocked.

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