OK.... I want to make straight my beliefs on the Bible, so called lost scrolls, and books.

THE BIBLE IS GOD INSPIRED - That means, If God inspired it, everything I need to know is included. God controls the hearts and actions of men in what He determines fit for His purpose. There is no man, government, or religion that can purposely or accidentally leave out any information that God deemed pertinent for His people.

THE BIBLE IS RELEVANT FOR ALL PEOPLE OF ALL TIME - The Bible was not written to us. The books and letters of the Bible were written to THEM, in THEIR time and preserved for ALL people for all times. This means there is no "new" information that God did not include in the Bible. No one is getting "new" revelation that is not found in Scripture; and especially that does not conform with Scripture.

THE BIBLE IS INFALLIBLE - Yes, there are errors in the translating process of ALL Bibles but that does not omit the fact, the Bible is infallible in it's purpose. What is the purpose of the Bible? The Bible is God centered thus shows the attributes of God upon a sinful people; and shows us how our lives are to do the same.

What does this mean?
THE BIBLE IS MY ULTIMATE SORCE FOR TRUTH - There are a multitude of books written by man; but only a fraction that are worth a penny. I hear people say, "You have to read this but have the Bible ready to follow along". NO!!! I don't follow along with the Bible, I examine BY the Bible. ALL of man's teachings are to be examined by Scripture.

What is the Major problem!?!?!?
MOST PROFESSING CHRISTIANS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HOW TO READ THE BIBLE!!! The biggest error is we (in America) read the Bible in a 21st century American context. Next, and almost equal problem, we read the Bible through the lens of denominational teaching, evangelical teaching, feelings, beliefs, authors teachings, preachers, and the likes. We read a "butt load" of books, listen to multiple audio teachings, and following along in the Bible thus looking at the Bible though the lens of a book or teacher. We have seminaries, Bible colleges, and courses across the country that have books and teachers teaching while people follow along in the Bible. Yet, I've failed to find one single course in which a group of people set down with the Bible and say, "What does the Bible say on [this particular subject]?" What this means is... we twist Scripture to conform to our desires instead of twisting our desires to conform to Scripture. Then it is true.... the blind lead the blind.

What's the sad part?
RELIGIOUS ARE MORE APT TO DEFEND THE AUTHOR, EVANGELIST, OR DENOMINATIONAL TEACHING - Present clear truth and Scripture to someone who follows man by the Bible and they will reject Scripture and defend the man. Many teachings uplift the demonic world, place emphasis on man, and/or destroys the character of God - and people who buy into a person rather than the Bible will defend the person rather than calling out the atrocity of the claim. We are here to Glorify God on earth!!! no more - no less.
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