Many years ago I was talking to a Jew and he noted that Christ was a good man and a good teacher. When I look at the life of Christ, this belief has always puzzled me.
For those who do not believe in Christianity, most do believe Christ existed; and had an impact on society (few believe He never existed). So, how do we confront these beliefs? We confront the beliefs by asking, “How did Yeshua live and what did Yeshua claim?”

By trade, Yeshua was a carpenter yet claimed He was the Son of God. In fact, He called Himself God when He said, “Before Abraham was, I AM”. It was this claim that caused the Jews of the day to seek to kill Him. He was from an obscure town of Jerusalem but claimed He was a King of a Kingdom.

He claimed to be able to forgive sinners; which placed Himself in the place of God again - and caused people to what to kill Him again. Everyone was lost but He was the Shepherd to find them. Everyone else was darkness but He was the Light of the World.
Yeshua did much good for society but if He were merely a man He would have had an extreme ego centricity; because, He talked about Himself all the times. He always talked about how good He was and how bad everyone else was. He classified Himself in a whole different plane from everyone else, placing Himself in a class all by Himself. Everyone else was hungry, He claimed to be their bread. Everyone else was thirsty but He was could quench their thirst.

Christ claimed that He will return at the end of history and all nations would stand before Him while He would separate them out and judge them on who goes to eternal life and who goes to eternal death.

Now, either these claims are true or they are false. If they are false, and He knew they were false, He would be a down right liar. If they were false, and He believed they were true, He would be a lunatic. Therefore, He is either God or a liar and/or lunatic. He can not be merely a good moral teacher or prophet and be a liar and/or lunatic; therefore, He must be God.
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