I read a lot about people who are upset about others who think they are entitled to things and the government caring for them. Typically, this is pointed to certain ethnic groups but it actually means anyone who doesn’t want to work but wants things handed to them; and especially handed to them the way THEY want it. Let me break down an “entitlement syndrome” for you real quick.

entitlement |enˈtītlmənt|
the fact of having a right to something:

“Entitlement syndrome” is not a diagnosed disease. It’s a mental state that is brought about by a number of reasons; and is fed by the ease of entitlement in a society. If a government is going to freely and easily give out, then those with the entitlement syndrome will gladly take; and the mentality will grow. Yet, the foundation of the entitlement mentality is typically brought on during child rearing. A person who operates under an entitlement mentality will often teach that to their children. If the children fail to learn by merely watching their parent refuse to work while gaining money and luxuries, they will learn it because of that parent voicing such entitlement. For example, there is a viral video of a woman who says why should I work?

There’s another way that the entitlement syndrome can be learned, through an indirect teaching through action from the parent. Let me explain through a series of examples:

If your child cries because they did not get the EXACT gift they want, they are gaining the “entitlement syndrome”

If your child opens all their gifts and asks why they didn’t get a particular gift, they are gaining the “entitlement syndrome”

If your child pitches a fit because you will not buy something they want, they are gaining the “entitlement syndrome”

If your child refuses to wear anything but name brand, they are gaining the “entitlement syndrome”

If you child believes they should have something just because all their friends do, they are gaining the “entitlement syndrome”

If you child feels they should receive what they ask for but should not have to do chores, they are definitely gaining the “entitlement syndrome”

So entitlement does not only pertain to certain ethnic groups, those on the low end of the socio-economic scale, or those gaining from the governments. Most of American middle class and high class children have the “entitlement syndrome”; and they are being raised that way by parents who typically believe that they want to raise their children “better than they were raised” - and they do so in thinking that giving them all these nice things will have a positive impact.

I want to take a moment to answer a thought that, no doubt, will enter the mind and roll off the lips of many in this American culture, “Those characteristics listed are just the way children act”. NO, they are not. They are the way modern AMERICAN children act. Its not the way children acted two generations back and it’s not how children act in a society that has very little. They act that way because we’ve created it within the entitlement American mindset.
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