If a person is pronounced to be a "great theologian", take heed.
THEOLOGY is "a system of THEORETICAL principles".

THEORETICAL is relating to what is possible or imagined rather than to what is known to be true or real.

Theologians are looked upon as having great knowledge of Gods Word; while the very meaning behind the title does not define fact but rather a fiction - a theory; which then places their teachings on the same logical scale as the "THEORY of evolution".

There are theologians in virtually every organized religion, so because "Christian" theologians include the existence of God into their theory it does not separate the logic of the teachings from any other ludicrous teaching within an anti-God movement. Theologians spew cartoon imagery of what they want the Bible to say; taking the emphasis of the Bible off of God and onto man. While no one is perfect in the interpretation of Gods Word, I find theologians having a sense of "how to" instructions of things that are not in Scripture, and often pulled from context and the meaning twisted to prove their theory. This often attacks the character of God in subtle ways; though any attack on YHWH's character is far from small - and any attack of Gods character comes from the adversary (even if the messenger is just in error on his part). For me, give me any teaching of an uneducated man who is in error while trying to put God at the forefront than any, so called, educated man with non-Biblical theories of how things work, or how we are to do things, while placing focus on man.

Yet, if God be so unjust as to send a person to Hell for error in interpretation by taking an hour or more a day to study, and follow His Word over mans theological teachings then let me take that ride upon MY OWN error rather than taking that ride upon the stupidity of following another through THEIR theories.
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