I was born in PA but raised most of my life in a small town in TN. I was raised with waitress’ calling you “honey” and “dear”. In the south, there is a certain politeness that is not found in many other areas of the country; and that was especially true during my youth.

I remember once, as a child, my dad confronted a server about our rude service. He asked her if he needs to talk to her manager. She said, “I am the manager”. I remember this about my dad. He never said it but he seemed to operate under the belief that we can take our money anywhere for what we are purchases; therefore, I want good service from where I go.

My brother lives in NJ. I don’t remember exactly how old I was but I think it had been many years since I’d been in the north east. He asked me if I wanted a Hoggie. For those of us in the south, that is a sub sandwich but much better tasting. Of course I wanted one. So we went to this little chain place called WaWa and my brother placed his order. Now they use computer systems but this was before that time and we directly ordered with the worker. So, my brother places his order and the woman looks at me and says, in a very rude tone, “And what do you want!”. I looked her in the eye and said, “Nothing from you”. My brother tapped me and said, “That’s just how they talk around here”. So, I went ahead and ordered.

The north east operates at such a fast pace that there is no time for pleasantries. To those of us in the south, they come across rude. I believe it’s called “curtness”.

In the church and around church goers, I’m often accused of being judgmental and rude. The problem is that I now understand that I have no time for pleasantries with those in the church. It’s exactly the same thing we seen from Christ when he address those within the church also. When I read the Gospel of the Bible, I see how the gospel practiced today is no where close. I also see many dangers of the way the church operates and the way people are living compared to what the Bible tells us. The Bible is giving very strong warning to this country - we are in eternally grave danger.

Do I come off rude? - probably. Do I come off judgmental? - I’m sure but when I’m showing the Bible it’s not I that judge but the Word of God does the judging.

If you were asleep in a burning house, I’m not going to walk to your bed and give a little nudge, kiss you on the cheek, and softly whisper, “Get up dear. We need to leave friend. Let’s find you some clothes to put on. Brush your teeth. Make sure you have on clean underwear” Absolutely not! If I come into your burning house and your sleeping, I’m going to pop you in the side, grab your arm, pull you out (in what ever you sleep in - think about that when you sleep), and I’m going to yell as loud as I can, “GET OUT!!! FIRE!!! GO, GO, GO!!!”

Friends, we are in a burning house. The few that actually Study Scripture, and take it serious, sees that the thing we call church is so far apposed to the truth of Scripture that most are in danger of crying Lord Lord. I’m sorry, I don’t feel we have time for pleasantries in this. There is no guarantee that we will take the next breath. I see too much death of too many people around me and I find myself wondering, too many times, “Did they really know the truth?”
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