Some believe that what is happening in Louisiana is God’s judgement upon a wicked land. I’m not saying it’s not. It’s highly likely it is. YET!!! are the rest of us in America any better? God can just as easily lay His judgement upon Las Vegas, California, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta (along with many others). We need to be careful in placing judgement upon these areas. What do I mean?

Look, one must judge and those who say the Bible says not to judge has really not read the Bible. What it comes down to is HOW we judge. First, we need to be careful not to judge in a way that comes across as our poop don’t stink. We all have issues and that’s why we work together. Second, if we judge but do nothing to help restore than that would the a true definition of judging.

Times like this can easily show the righteous judgement of God at hand. We need to remember that God places judgement to call people to repentance. At the same time, we should be helping Louisiana as we then show the Glory of God’s mercy to a land that would otherwise not be worthy. See, this is the picture of Christ. None of us are worthy of God’s Grace and Mercy, only His wrath in judgement; yet He sent Christ for us. We should be such a picture to a people seen as unworthy of Grace.
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