We're looking for revival; Why? Is it so we can have a wonderful feeling, so we can have things; is it so we can do wondrous things? For what purpose do we seek revival: for our glory? Are these things a revival? Are we revived by the things Y'shua can do for us? What is the purpose of reviving? We say we want the Kingdom of YHWH to come; here and now. For what do we think the Kingdom is? YHWH gave all, Y'shua gave up all so that at least one could be saved. If you were the only one, He would have still done it: THIS is the Kingdom of Elohim. What more must be done to stir His people? What greater service, what greater wonder do we need, to give what we have for one soul to be saved? For this is the Kingdom of Elohim. If we are unwilling to give up the worldly cares for the gain of one soul: if we are unwilling to step out of the world in Name of Messiah Y'shua, for the Kingdom, we will not obtain revival in Adonai. You must seek a revival in you, this you have control of: YHWH seeks a revival within His Kingdom, this you also have control of. Which would you rather seek, that which benefits you, or the Kingdom? The things that benefit you are the pleasures of this short life. The things that benefit the Kingdom is the work that builds that Kingdom. Do you not know that revival of the Kingdom brings a revival of you? Nehamiah built a wall in record time by having each person work on their section of wall. The Kingdom of Elohim and a revival can explode by each person working on their section of souls which they have contact with. Revival is up to you and how hard you work at it.