Jesus talks about a narrow road and a wide road. And while many depict this as a man standing at a “Y” in the road, I see it as just one road.

On this long road, one end is narrow and one is extremely wide. I want to be heading towards the narrow end and the closer I get, the narrower the road gets. There are three types of people to which I see on this road. While I’m striving to get closer to the narrow end, those who have been living in sin are closer to the wider end; and I don’t see those. I see three types of people involved in the “Christian” walk.

There are people staggered, walking towards the narrow end. Each are dropping notes of encouragement on the road for those coming up behind, because those behind are not as far along in the journey as they are. Everyone is also picking up notes left by those ahead of them; so it will help with their journey. This is the first group. The second group are those who are standing still. These are those who feel they have gone as far as they need to go and work to stay right where their at. The third group are those walking back towards the wide end. They are in front of me headed back, therefore they once were headed towards the narrow end, but as the road got narrow they felt the walk was too hard and they turned around. In this walk, group 2 and group 3 are failures and they are unhappy inside.

I look ahead and a person walking towards the narrow side trips and falls right next to the person standing still. As they are on the ground, the person standing still, and those passing back the other direction spit on them, kick them, and mock them.

Then I see one traveling towards the narrow end who comes upon the one who fell and he stops a moment; taking time out of his journey to bend over and help up the fallen. He helps clean the wounds and bends over to pick up a note left by one traveling before them. He hands that note of encouragement to the one who just fell and takes them by the hand and continues the journey with them.

When things happen in my life, I ask myself, “Who am I in this scenario?”


When I look at the pages of many, not all but probably most, professing Christians and I see the majority of post about politics, and little about God, I fear that they have not gotten the “just” of what God said about this. I understand this is voting time, but even still, many professing christians put so much trust into voting and what politicians can do for them and their nation of people. Again, I fear that they have not seen the way YHWH views this.

In the years of my life, which I can track government, and by what history teaches us, we learn that the government is not really for us, they are for themselves. They are not working to make us money, they are working to gather our money. All through history, government has put it’s citizens into a type of servitude to the government; and the US government is no different - they just learned how to sell it to us and make us like it - thinking we actually have a choice in the matter. Read More…