In America, it’s a common action of pastors and professing Christians to say, “I believe God want’s me to do this thing”. I’ve even heard pastors say, “God made it clear to me that He wants this done”. Then, that person, or group of people, will plan fund raisers and various other schemes to try and raise the money to accomplish that which “God told them to do”. Once it does not play out the way they thought, they don’t get the money in the manner they thought, all of a sudden, that person will say, “I thought God wanted this, I guess not” or they will change to a new work that they say “God told them to do”.

There are a couple of issues with this type of “ministry”. First, If God really did tell you to do a thing, and you give up, you are rejecting God’s instruction. That is not good.

Then there is the issue of God changing His mind because money didn’t come in or things just didn’t go right. Read More…




I recently had a friend in Kenya ask me about the electricity in our homes. He seemed to be amazed at how cold it gets here, the snow, and about the homes being heated by electricity. I thought my reply to him should be of interest to us.

Here's what I wrote:

"You ask about electricity in the homes in America. I'm going to be very upfront an honest about what I'm seeing of American homes verses about 96% of the rest of the world (as told by the World Bank).

Almost all the houses are heated with electricity. Unlike your country where electricity is rare, in America, to have no electricity is rare. We live very strangely compared to most of the world. All the times that I've told you that I'm a bit ashamed at this country, this is why. I understand the blessing God has given us. I also understand the curse that upon us because most in America rather care for their own comforts than others.

So that you understand the context of what I'm talking about, I'm going to explain the average home in America. Read More…