There are two beliefs on the teachings of the Bible that are growing through the world. One is, “Don’t listen to the teachings of Christ - listen to the teachings of Paul instead” (I’ve addressed this one in the past). Now I’m going to address the other: “Don’t listen to the teaching of Paul”

In this ever growing theory, the proponents argue that 1. Matthias was called by God and seen Christ but Paul had not seen Christ to make him applicable to be an apostle, 2. Paul was not an apostle, and 3. Paul’s teachings apposed Christ’s teachings. You may believe that this theory is absurd, yet could you logically defend the Bible and Paul? Since most of the New Testament is written by Paul, it’s hard to use Scripture to defend the cause; one must use logic. The theory uses illogic to make it’s argument, we are going to look at logic and make a determination from there. (For the sake of length, this will be broke up into a couple different posts that will continue after the weekend.) Read More…