People are asking, “How could they vote in a racist, sexist, pig like Trump?”. To understand this, we must first break down the question and the over all sentiment of the voters.

To say someone was “voted IN” would assume a favorability to that person who was voted in. In other words, to be voted in means people like them. Then there are those who are voted out.

When someone has served some terms in an office and people don’t like them, they will vote in someone else (sometimes someone they don’t know) just to have a change. Historically, the phrase “voted OUT” is used with the disliked individual. This is because the person who is taking over the office was not really voted in, the goal of the people was to vote OUT the old and try something new. The person coming in just happened to be the lucky one running when the level of dislike was so high with the current individual. Read More…