I know a wife who spends only a couple hours of the week with her husband. It's not really because of her job, or life in general, it's because she would rather spend time doing things she wants in her free time. Her husband is great. He cooks for her and buys her stuff. He loves her so much that he'd give his life for her. The wife, on the other hand, does very little for her husband. In fact, she barely talks to him - except for asking him for things she wants. She periodically thanks him for things he's done for her but barely offers anything to him. She's been involved with affairs several times. Sometimes she's had long-lasting love affairs with other men.

The worst yet, she has the audacity to call her marriage with her husband a "relationship". Read More…


When is the last time you worshiped an idol? Over and over, the Bible warns us of worshiping idols. Yet, in twenty-first America, we think of idols as little (or big) statues that are seen as gods.

The fact is, we have many idols in this country; and, unfortunately, many professing Christians are unknowingly worshipping these idols. 1 Cor 10:14 tells us to flee from idolatry. Therefore, we must keep a watch to avoid it.
How do you know you've entered idolatry? There are three great signs of idolatry: speech, money, and action.
That which we talk about the most is that which we love the most. I have two side hobbies, my Jeep, and my physical fitness. I can take a look at how much I talk to people about these, post on Facebook, etc and I can examine that against how much I talk to people about God and Christ and I can self-examine where my heart is lying. (Luke 6:45) Read More…