If I had a dollar for every time I was asked who I was voting for or what my opinion was about the 2016 political race, I would not be worried about my financial security in the future. One reason I get this question so much is because I accurately predicted the outcome of the 2008 election in 2007. As soon as I heard Obama’s announcement it was like God told me the man would win; despite the fact I didn’t want him to. If your an Obama supporter, don’t be offended that I didn’t like “your guy”. I base my vote upon the Bible and honestly... he didn’t meet the criteria... along with most of those who run.

This is a hotter topic this election. I’ve never seen such craziness in the election cycle as I’ve seen this year. Proponents of both sides swear that the country will end if the other person is elected. My thoughts about the selection this year is not much different from any previous elections - well, maybe a little stronger. Strong in the sense that I really don’t like either one.

Here’s my Biblical opinion about who will win: Read More…


In speaking of the judgment of God, when disaster falls on an area, some within the church like to point their finger at the level of sin in that area. What does the Bible say of the judgment of God which falls upon man?

There’s no doubt that judgment will fall upon all mankind in the very end, at the second coming of Christ; yet, we see a different picture painted until that time. Read More…