Many see God as a vengeful God of anger and punishment. They miss the fact that He gave His Son to die for us so we could live forever with Him; they miss this love.

On the same note, many professing the faith see God as one who does not care if we spend more time in the world than in His service, being witnessing and the likes. They have problems with rejection and ridicule, and the likes from fellow humans, not seeing this was promised to us. They too miss the love of God. For God came and was ridiculed and rejected by His creation so that, as many as will accept is proposal, they would be able to live eternally. They miss the heart of love that He does not one to perish. They know this fact, they’ve learned it, but they continue in the things of this world. Therefore, they have a form of godliness but they have not come to the knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 3:5,7). The knowledge is not of the love of man in how we treat them, but more-so the love of man desiring that they can have eternal life. What good is it if we treat a man good in this world, yet let him perish without ever showing Him the truth of salvation? Is that love? I think not. If we are missing this love, we are missing the Heart of our God.


I was sitting in my truck last night when the man in the truck next to me tried to start his truck and it was dead. I looked over at me and I was eager to come give him a jump off. He did not think it would reach and I told him that I would drop the trailer if I had to. He said that was too much work, but I told him it’s worth it to get him going.

I got out my cables and hooked up the batteries, but I was not getting any juice. The cables don’t get used much so they were rusty. He was ready to call road service and I told him to hold off a moment, it will start. I cleaned the cables with a wire brush and we got a good connection.

After five minutes of charging, the truck would still not start. After a few choice words, the man said he’s going to have to call road service. I stayed calm and told him, give it five more minutes and it WILL start. Read More…


This year, Julia and I will be married 25 years. I just wanted to write a quick note (ok maybe not so quick) about Christ in a marriage and show you, what I believe to be, powerful allegories in my marriage.

The chiastic structure in ancient literature is very common; especially in the Bible. Many relate this structure as Jewish poetry. In Gen 1:27 you see a example of Jewish poetry.

So Elohim created man in His own image,
in the image of Elohim created He him;
male and female created He them.

Everywhere the passage talks of creating, we color that blue, while the remaining we color red. We notice that each of the first two lines, the red is focused on the image of Elohim. Yet, according to Jewish poetry, so does the third line. The marriage of male and female is to be an image of Elohim. Read More…