When a person goes to a seminary, once graduated, they get a ordination proclaiming their pastoral office. There are institutions that hand out ordinations and even some churches. With an ordination a person can legally officiate marriage ceremonies and preach funerals; actions that require a government acceptance of the office of minister for government forms. Some denominations require ordination for certain offices within the church; especially any pastoral office. Yet, other than man requiring it, an ordination is not needed to preach the Gospel of Christ or to hold the office of pastor in a church.

Where did the practice come from? Actually, it's been going on for centuries; yet they were not always called a certificate of ordination.
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OK.... I want to make straight my beliefs on the Bible, so called lost scrolls, and books.

THE BIBLE IS GOD INSPIRED - That means, If God inspired it, everything I need to know is included. God controls the hearts and actions of men in what He determines fit for His purpose. There is no man, government, or religion that can purposely or accidentally leave out any information that God deemed pertinent for His people.

THE BIBLE IS RELEVANT FOR ALL PEOPLE OF ALL TIME - The Bible was not written to us. The books and letters of the Bible were written to THEM, in THEIR time and preserved for ALL people for all times. This means there is no "new" information that God did not include in the Bible. No one is getting "new" revelation that is not found in Scripture; and especially that does not conform with Scripture. Read More…


If a person is pronounced to be a "great theologian", take heed.
THEOLOGY is "a system of THEORETICAL principles".

THEORETICAL is relating to what is possible or imagined rather than to what is known to be true or real.

Theologians are looked upon as having great knowledge of Gods Word; while the very meaning behind the title does not define fact but rather a fiction - a theory; which then places their teachings on the same logical scale as the "THEORY of evolution". Read More…