In a recent church service, the pastor started a thought on fasting; yet I don’t believe he finished the thought. Understanding the context of this message is to America, he said, the reason why we don’t fast is because we love food. Wow, that’s right. He continued to say that the second reason we don’t fast is because we need food to survive. Unfortunately, the pastor ended it there. Honestly, that second point is probably only partially true because, in America, we love food so much, we could do without food for a month and many will still not look malnourished. Read More…


I want to speak boldly, openly, and honestly here. As if I have any other level right? In my circle, there has been a lot of talk about being filled with the Spirit of God. There are all kinds of teachings of how one knows they are filled and how others would know that they are filled with the Spirit of God. Unfortunately, this thought is not all Biblical. This writing is not a debate on whether or not the gifts of the Spirit are operational today but a look at what the Bible says is the sign that we have the Spirit of God in us. We must remember that satan also has signs and wonders (Rev 13:13).

If we say we follow the Bible, then it’s the Bible we go by. What does the Bible say is evidence of our having the Spirit of God? Read More…