When I look at the pages of many, not all but probably most, professing Christians and I see the majority of post about politics, and little about God, I fear that they have not gotten the “just” of what God said about this. I understand this is voting time, but even still, many professing christians put so much trust into voting and what politicians can do for them and their nation of people. Again, I fear that they have not seen the way YHWH views this.

In the years of my life, which I can track government, and by what history teaches us, we learn that the government is not really for us, they are for themselves. They are not working to make us money, they are working to gather our money. All through history, government has put it’s citizens into a type of servitude to the government; and the US government is no different - they just learned how to sell it to us and make us like it - thinking we actually have a choice in the matter.

The fact is, when Israel said they wanted a leader of their nation like the pagan nations, instead of God, YHWH said they were rejecting Him (1 Samuel 8:7) and called that wicked (1 Samuel 12:16-17). Because they focused on a king ruling rather than God, YHWH told them what the outcome would be (1 Samuel 8:18 - make note of verse 18). While I believe we should vote, no matter how you vote, the government will not make any solid change in your life. We put so much focus on government and not near enough on God not understanding that focusing on government is an empty pursuit of “things that can not profit or deliver” (1 Samuel 12:21). If we started putting YHWH first, and ran our lives according to Him and not according to the government, we may actually see a change in our nation.
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