Where is the church? People in America would be like, “Look on just about every corner”. That’s NOT the church and the people inside are definitely not acting like it either. No, none of us are perfect; but, the church is suppose to be a group of people who are allowing the power of God to transform their lives into a people that look and act far different from the world. So, I ask again, where is the church?

I don’t think the people in America get it. We’ve been desensitized so greatly that we don’t really get it. We don’t witness because of rejection and persecution. We spend a couple hours a week in a church building but spend many hours a week in worldly entertainment. We spend our money the same as the world, spend our time the same as the world, respond to injustices the same way as the world, get involved with the same type of worldly entertainment, and train our kids to pursue the same worldly achievements while vastly ignoring the things of God.

What don’t we get? I don’t believe we really get what hell is. I don’t believe we really get who God is. I don’t believe we really get what He’s wanting to save us from and bring us into. We don’t get what born again is. We certainly don’t get what the Bible says (probably because few actually read it) and if we do get it, we don’t act like we believe it by the manner in which we live. How can I say this? Because if we got it, we’d act a whole lot different.

We are bought with a price(1 Cor 6:20), our time (1 Cor 6:19) and our money is not really ours (Acts 4:32). Christ is a reward that, if we REALLY got it, we would give up any pleasures of this world to gain (Matt 13:45-46); because everything in this world is crap compared to God (Phil 3:7-10). We would understand that if we do not use what God gave us to expand the Kingdom that we are wicked (Matt 25:26), and a coward (Rev 21:8). Let me put that in modern terms, if your not witnessing and using the resources that God gave you to help those in need and to spread the Gospel, in what ever little manner or big manner that you may have, it does not matter if you said an un-Biblical prayer of Salvation, your going to be cast into hell anyway (Matt 25:30). It’s not me saying it, its not me judging, its the Bible. Do you not know what we will be judged upon? (John 12:48) No, it’s not about works, its about where your heart is (Matt 6:21; Matt 15:8). Because when you rather spend the resources God gave you on your own comforts and pleasures of this world, you love the world - you DON’T love God (1 John 2:15); and, unfortunately, you will end up crying Lord Lord in the end, even though you thought you knew Christ and you thought you did a lot of things for God (Matt 7:21-23)

YES... IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP. The American church has become the New Testament lost tribe of Israel - they have entered into idolatry for they eat, they drink, and they rise up to play (1 Cor 10:7). They have entered into their own spirit of the sisters of Sodom, caring about their own selves and not about those around them (Ezekiel 16:49-50). These were examples to us (1 Peter 2:6). I beg, plead, and pray that these truths will enter, at least, a couple hearts.
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