A few years ago I had the privilege of spending seven days of survival in the high desert wilderness, with nine wonderful people. Each of us had a very minimal in supplies: knife, water bottle, blanket, poncho, thermals, coat, gloves, 5x5 piece of cloth, about 25 feet of paracord (no backpack, no tent, no sleeping bag, no matches or lighter, no toilet paper!!!! ahhhh). The food that we had for an entire week was what most people would eat in one sitting. When being put in situations like this people tend to draw off each other. Even though the nine of us had never met before this week in the desert, bonds were built - some fairly strong.

The closest bond that I built was with a man named Stefan. An unlikely pair we were. He was an accountant from Texas and I a truck driver from Georgia. Over the next couple years, my wife and I built a relationship with Stefan and his family. We visited them often; taking time off from our work to spend time with them.

Shortly after my wife stopped driving truck with me, I changed my routing to more regional, and Texas was not fitting into that route. We were no longer going buy to visit Stefan and his family. To be totally honest, the relationship has fallen away. It’s not that I don’t think about Stefan, and I’ve even contacted him a couple of times; but there’s been a falling away.

ANY relationship needs a break from work and a devotion to that relationship. A day of rest with God was established by God to help build in a relationship. Through that time spent with God, we find Joy in God (Isaiah 58:13-14). If we fail to spend time with God, as with any other “relationship” we have, that relationship will fall.

Through time, man has moved Sabbath from the seventh day to the first, then to any day, then no day at all. Time to spend with God is the most fought against principle of a right relationship with God in the church today. One other aspect has become noticeable clear in this. The more man has fought to continue to do what they want every day of the week and not spend time with God, the more the morals of the church has fallen into apostasy. The moral capacity of the church is no better than in the world, and in some cases worse; and that comes from a falling away in the relationship with God.

If we can not have a relationship with God here now, what make us think we will enter into the gates to have a relationship with God there then? We need to get back to the principles of taking a day in which we stop doing what we want to do and start spending time in rebuilding this relationship with God.
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