My wife and I like to be prepared for any natural disaster that can catch most people off guard. We carry a small supply of things that can sustain us for about a month. We also use essential oils for our healing.

This past weekend there was an essential oil class being held in our favorite emergency preparedness store. When we went in, I asked the worker there how things are going. He said they have been slow since since Trump was elected. Yet recently, they said, the demographic of customers have changed. They are now getting Democrats rather than Republicans.

I thought this was humorous and had to text a few of my friends for a good laugh.

The next morning, as I laid in bed meditating on what I had said and done the day before; and praying that God show me the areas I least look like Him. He brought to my mind Mark 6:34, along with my couple texts I put out.

I wondered what the fear of people over Trump had to do with that passage.

He reminded me that it was not long ago that it was people worried about Obama and told me it's because people, weather in fear or hope, are putting their emotions in men rather than the King of a real home; a home that is not passing away. All these people, weather in hope or fear, are sheep following sheep; they are without a Shepherd.

He then told me, if you want to look more like Me in this area then notice My response in Mark 6:34.
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