What are we doing? I’ve known this but it seems to really have hit me more this week. What are we doing in our lives? We know that we are not staying here. The Bible says not to build up here but build up in Heaven. What are we doing, and what are we thinking, in buying all the stuff we don’t need?

A few months back I was with a teenager who kept pointing out cars they seen, and wanted. It explained to them, and showed them pictures of, all the cars I’ve had in my life. I had a dragster, a 48 plymouth, 68 Cougar, dune buggies, and motorcycles. I’ve had a lot of cars that the world would call nice rides; yet I have no money from them and I don’t even have the cars any more. All I have is a few pictures. I was trying to show the teen that spending money on these fast cars, nice cars, is only temporary satisfaction. Rarely does anyone get to keep that which they devoted so much time and money to.

When I think about that conversation, isn’t that the reality of our life as a whole? We don’t keep anything. In fact, we will not even have the pictures of the material stuff we had. Why are we waisting so much time and money on things that are here today and gone tomorrow? Especially when Scripture makes clear that the way in which we handle the stuff in this world is a clear view of the condition of our heart. If God is worried about the widow, orphan, and poor and we are worried about the house, car, boat, bike, toy, vacation, and retirement, then can we honestly say that there is a question of whether or not we have the heart of God?
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