Years ago I entered into a study of HOW we got the Bible into our hands. This led me through a historical journey of paganism, conspiracies, murder and death, and the likes. Once I saw the claims made by the reformers, towards the roman catholic church, I started researching the writings of the roman catholic church. Looking at historical accounts, their writings, and prophecy, it became very evident that catholicism introduced, into the church, multiple amounts of paganism that dates as far back as the rule of Babylon.

Babylon was the foundation of the modern astrology worship system we have today. Baal was the sun god, Ashtoreth was his wife and she was the moon goddess, and they had their first born of 34 children (36 gods in all). The father, mother, and first born is the trinity.

This trinity system was passed from Babylon, to Persia, to Greece, and then to Rome. The roman catholic church commingled the trinity with the God of Israel; whom Israel makes clear is "one God". Israel, even modern Christian Israeli's, understand the Father, Spirit, and Y'shua, but still stand on the "our God is one" statement that is echoed all through Scripture.

I've tried to warn people that SOME OF of the modern teachings of the trinity were born out of catholicism and come from ancient teachings of baal worship. I've tried to warn that these teachings were introduced by catholicism that has a trinity that is baal worship; having god the father, god the mother (Mary), and their first born. This has been a teaching of the upper echelon's of the roman catholic church and has not been a teaching that is verbally passed to the lower levels of the church and congregation - until now.

Remember that Revelation warns of a whore who will have daughters that follow after her. A church that is a whore follows worldly gods and worldly desires. Remember that it teaches of the religious system that has the spirit of Babylon; and that system is a religious system that would persecute the saint's militarily. Then, remember that the next system will operate under the same ways of the first yet deceive the saints to worship the image of the first beast - that is Babylonian rites and worldly desires and pleasures.

Remember and heed to the warning of Revelation - Come out of her my people.

Link Below: Pope Francis Claims Virgin Mary is SECOND in Trinity.

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