In America, it’s a common action of pastors and professing Christians to say, “I believe God want’s me to do this thing”. I’ve even heard pastors say, “God made it clear to me that He wants this done”. Then, that person, or group of people, will plan fund raisers and various other schemes to try and raise the money to accomplish that which “God told them to do”. Once it does not play out the way they thought, they don’t get the money in the manner they thought, all of a sudden, that person will say, “I thought God wanted this, I guess not” or they will change to a new work that they say “God told them to do”.

There are a couple of issues with this type of “ministry”. First, If God really did tell you to do a thing, and you give up, you are rejecting God’s instruction. That is not good.

Then there is the issue of God changing His mind because money didn’t come in or things just didn’t go right. First, the God of the Bible does not change. If He says something is to be done, it will be done. He does not change just because it did not work out the way YOU thought it should. Typically, what is happening in this scenario is that the person, “who god told to do something” is looking for the recognition for themselves. They say that it’s God doing it, but they are really looking for that pat on the back that they accomplished what God wanted them to do. What’s happening is, when that person starts to see failure in that task, they will quietly put it away and move onto a new task. People who do not know the God of the Bible will blindly follow and quickly forget about the previous task.

This is NOT how YHWH works. God will give us a task that is much greater than we can hope to handle. Then, He will accomplish that task, through us, in such a way that HE get’s the Glory.

When a person says, “God told me to do this” then, because it didn’t happen the way they wanted, they say God changed, what that person is doing is saying that God can direct orders to His people but He does not have the power to control that which needs to be done. What they are saying is, God did not know that people would not respond when He gave that task to us. What they are doing is blaspheming God.

Before we say, “God told me to...” we better make sure that YHWH told us. We also better make sure that we carry out that which He told us to do. And, we need to do it in such a manner that only GOD gets the Glory.
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