Therefore, because it was the Preparation Day, that the bodies should not remain on the cross on the Sabbath (for that Sabbath was a high day)
(John 19:31)

First off understand that I’m not Jewish born. What I’m showing is merely facts based on the Bible, the culture of the Bible, and everything the Bible is written around.

I posted yesterday that Y’shua (Jesus) died on the cross on that day, Nissan 14 of the Jewish calendar. This may have confused some people and I want to clarify some things.

The day which we associate Christ’s death (Good Friday) is based on a tradition introduced by the church when they were commingling pagan holidays with God’s days. Incidentally, this also happened when the northern Kingdom of Israel started commingling pagan days with God’s days in the books of Kings. Have you ever wondered the purpose of the bunny’s and eggs on this day? It’s because Easter is the celebration of the fertility goddess of Ishtar; to which the name of the holiday was derived.

Our church tradition that Y’shua was crucified on the preparation day before the Seventh Day Sabbath is not based on Biblical Truth. Passover extends from Nissan 14-20. The first day (Nissan 14) is the Preparation day to the High Sabbath, which is Nissan 15 of course. The book of John made sure to clarify exactly what Sabbath Y’shua died before (for that Sabbath was a high day).

The fact does remain that the women showed at the tomb early in the morning of the first day; which we know is our Sunday. But, the terms used during the Biblical Jewish era are different then ours.

The Jewish days started at night fall. For example, Tuesday 4/15/14 would have began at night fall last night according to the Jewish calendar. Now, if it’s stated that it was “early on the first day”, this would mean sometime after night fall of what we call Saturday night. If it says, “early in the morning on the first day” this would mean sometime before, or just after sun rise on what we call Sunday morning.

Notice a few interesting Biblical facts. Y’shua said He would be in the heart of the earth (grave) for three days and three nights; then gave the example as with Jonah (Matt 12:40). He died before the HIGH Sabbath, not the Seventh day Sabbath (John 19:31). And the women showed early in the morning of the first day, while it was still dark, and He was ALREADY GONE (John 20:1).

Here’s the question to ponder. As per our tradition, Jesus died on Friday and rose on Sunday. Yet, count them: that’s three days and two nights. Out of all technicality, that would be two days and two nights as He was already gone before day on Sunday.

Now, I’ve discussed this with Israeli Christian acquaintances; being Christian Israeli’s born and raised in Israel, and they have given me the answer to this pondering thought. The fact is, we are following church tradition and not Biblical facts and Jewish traditions of Christ’s death and resurrection.
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