In speaking of the judgment of God, when disaster falls on an area, some within the church like to point their finger at the level of sin in that area. What does the Bible say of the judgment of God which falls upon man?

There’s no doubt that judgment will fall upon all mankind in the very end, at the second coming of Christ; yet, we see a different picture painted until that time.

The first people to which judgment was poured out would have been the two children of God, Adam and Eve. For their saying, “not Your will but mine be done”.

From this point we see God’s judgment being poured out on the wickedness of man in the flood; yet this is about the last time we see this context.

In other area’s of Scripture we see God pouring His wrath out on those who profane Him. Whether it be Nebuccadezar declaring what he built, or Goliath, the armies of Assyria, or the Palestine’s who stole the Ark of the Covenant. To these things we see a few stories of.

Yet, the remaining of Scripture, and large majority of the stories of His wrath, has God’s wrath being poured out upon His people who turn to idolatry. From Old Testament to the New, this is the majority of what we see. Every time Israel entered into idolatry, they suffered wrath, David and Bathsheba, Achan, Saul, and Solomon; among others. In the New Testament you have Ananias and Sapphira, the whole of Israel who rejected Christ, the seven churches of Asia Minor (which specifically states judgement poured out on those in the church of Thyatira).

The thing the church of America needs to understand is that judgment, in this life, is more likely to be set upon us for our idolatry, the building of our own kingdoms while ignoring the thousands who die of hunger each day and the two billion who have not heard the Gospel, God is more apt, and shows a precedent of, pouring out wrath upon a idolatrous people more than a sinful people who don’t claim to follow Him.

If we think we are good then think about this... the only way darkness can exist is in the absence of light. The darker this nation gets is a sign of the continual dimming of the light of the church.
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