80‘s Cougar, 1971 GMC Pickup, MG Midget, 1948 Plymouth, 1982 Goldwing, 1998 Dodge 4x4 Pickup, 2001 Peterbilt 379 Semi-Truck, 2006 Kenworth Semi-Truck - Those are all the vehicles, that I can remember, that I’ve been involved in an accident with; whether my fault or the other persons.

I’m sure we’ve all been involved in an accident at some point in our lives, most of us, at least one that was our fault. Accidents typically happen because we just are not thinking straight at the time - we’re preoccupied with what’s going on in life and not paying attention.

When we think back to those times, we can probably remember some of the heartache we went through, beating ourself up over the mistake, crying over the damage to a piece of machinery. People tell us, “Don’t let it bother you”; but it really does not help - and we don’t listen. I’m guilty.

Many times in life, we become preoccupied with life and we have spiritual fender-benders - we mess up with God, and we know it. Yet, we say, “It happens, don’t beat yourself up over it”; and we typically listen and continue to skip through life. We beat ourself up, and are more upset over a mistake that damages a stupid piece of machinery that doesn’t even know we exist and we shrug off the major errors against a Creator who is desiring a relationship with us. That’s a pretty good sign of what means more to us.

We should really be ashamed of ourselves !!
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