I can't really prove in Scripture, outside of the fact that the Bible is written in a chiastic structure, but I heard a statement that got my brain working.
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I've talked a lot about chiastic structures in Scripture. I've often said the Bible is a chiastic structure though that's based on little tidbits of bookends that I see in the text. I also believe YHWH speaks and works in these structures the same way He works in imagery of words, names, and numbers.

I was listening to a couple guys talking Bible and one made a statement "de-creation". They were not talking about chiasm's but I immediately had this picture in my head.

If God works in
chiasm's, is the world operating in a chiasm under Yah's control? It would only make sense since the Bible is a chiasm from creation, in Genesis, to return to the way it was at creation, in Revelation. While seeing the chiastic structure of the Bible, it never really dawned on me that it would mean the world may operate in a chiastic structure as well. What would this mean?

Let's remember that sometimes chiastic structures have bookends with perfect repetition but more often, the bookends are not perfect mirrors but actually use mirror thought. This would be the way the world would operate if it's operating in a chiastic structure.

The world was created with man walking perfectly with Yah in a garden with a tree and the world will end with man with the tree walking in perfection with Yah. After creation, there was a fall so bad that YHWH destroyed the earth with a baptism of water (great flood) and we are told that the earth will be so bad in the end that He will destroy the earth with a baptism of fire.

If we continue in the Old Testament, we have The Tower of Babel where man tried to escape future judgment and Yah scrambled the languages and the different nations were made. After Noah, YHWH made a
marriage covenant with Abraham and with Y'shua Mashiyach we have a marriage covenant which is actually a perfect bookend of the one with Abraham. After the marriage covenant was made, and Israel formed, each generation the people of Yah did more to anger Him than the generation before.

Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, 2 Thessalonians 2:3

We have all these different events in Biblical history and, while I have not connected them all, it appears we're repeating them in reverse order; it appears the "sands of time" are falling in a chiasm. If so, it appears we've reached the "de-creation" phase at the point of the Tower of Babel where languages were confused and people separated into nations.
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When I see a chiasm in the world I’m not talking in the literal sense as in “send us back to the Stone Age”. Even in the literary structure of a chiastic structure the bookends are typically not exact. I do not believe that there will be unity in the world as we see in the story of Babel. The Scriptures speak against this.

As far as the chiastic bookends of Babel, the first Babel was man working to escape further judgement coming from God. As a result, Yah brought judgement upon them, confusing the tongues causing them to divide into nations. So, the creation of worldly nations and other languages was created by God as a judgment.

While in the church we are to be as one, and tongues is reversed confusion through manifestations from God; meanwhile, the world is under a judgement causing division.

Now we have the world tearing down the borders that make the nations and eliminating the confusion of tongues through technology. The world is reversing the creation of nation that was a judgment from God. In essence, similar to building the tower, they’re trying to reverse the judgement from God. Will they try to do something to stop further prophesies of a judgment of God?

Like chiastic structures, the bookends are not exact but it appears there MAY be something there. Like the structure in
1 Peter 3:18-4:3, it appears there's a chiastic structure and a parallelism located in the same period. We know the world will fall into a bad apostasy and the church with it; we’re seeing this today.

Before the flood, Cains heirs were the first to start polygamy, through Lamach, and we’re told he murdered as his father before him. History tells us that Seth’s line followed God but they started to mingle with Cains line to where only one family, a remnant, from the line of Seth was found to be holy before the flood.

Is Y’shua Mashiyach pointing to a bookend in Matthew 24:37.

But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

As a bookend, is the prophesied fall of the church “Seth’s line” as they commingle with the corrupt world, “Cains line”, the backside of the chiasm? This happened before the world baptized in the flood. We’re told, like that baptism, the second will be with fire and, like in the days of Noah, only a remnant will be saved.