INTRODUCTION - There are things we think about and yet don't talk about. They may seem strange to us or maybe we're scared we would be rejected for wondering such things. I believe some of these things can cause thought in us and on Scripture in how we live. I believe these things are good to discuss. It helps us sharpen each other, search Scripture harder, and possibly live life more full to the goodness of God.

WHY US? - Have you ever wondered why an all knowing God would have created a planet with man, a tree, and a tempter; knowing we would fall?

ATMOSPHERE - What if the Bible is telling us something profound about the atmosphere and the air we breathe?

A LIVING PARABLE - Could the stories of the woman with an issue of blood and the little girl Jesus raised from the dead be telling us something more than two nice stories?

WHY FREE BARABBAS? - After all the miracles they seen Christ do and laying palm branches before Him just days earlier, why did they free Barabbas rather than Jesus?