gerund or present participle: pondering
think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.
"I pondered the question of what clothes to wear for the occasion"

Welcome to pondering. The pages within this section on thoughts that came to me while studying Scripture. They were moments that I responded "wow" or "ah-haa" but I won't necessarily say God gave them to me. Don't think that I'm saying that any article within this section is completely accurate or Biblical but more of a "Book of My Thoughts, Chapter 1". I put them here because I believe they are thoughts that are amazing enough to be shared and to let others ponder on, dwell on, them because maybe someone else reading them may make a connection with something God showed them. I don't have all the answers therefore I enjoy discovering God's Word with others.

Again, I'm not saying the thoughts within this section are true. I'm sharing Biblical insights that can prove them true and no one has been able to prove them false. They fall within my four tests of a theology: Do they align with God's character? Do they align with Scriptures character? Do they have other Scriptures to support them? Are there any solid Scripture that refutes them?

I hope you enjoy the writings within this section

God Bless

WHY US? - Have you ever wondered why an all knowing God would have created a planet with man, a tree, and a tempter; knowing we would fall?

ATMOSPHERE - What if the Bible is telling us something profound about the atmosphere and the air we breathe?

WHY FREE BARABBAS? - After all the miracles they seen Christ do and laying palm branches before Him just days earlier, why did they free Barabbas rather than Jesus?

CHIASTIC WORLD - Since the Bible is assembled in a chiastic structure, does that man time will operate in the same structure?