We own a Cockatoo, which is a wonderfully smart animal. One of the first and most common questions asked by people who see him is, “Can he talk?”. He is young, and he is learning to talk, and there are times that we really wonder if he really knows what he is saying and if he is saying it with a specific tone for a reason.

I’ve had people tell me that the birds really don’t know what they are saying, they are just parroting what is being told to them. But, are we any different? If you take a 20-year-old, who has never heard the term newspaper, never seen one, never knew of them being delivered to the home, etc and you ask him to get the newspaper, he’s going to look at you with a blank look. In essence, most of what we do in our daily lives are a series of parroting. We answer the phone when it rings because we learned it from a child watching our parents. We answer the door when the bell rings because it’s what we have seen and we know when we do, someone is on the other side.

If we are here to learn Prophecies, why are we talking about birds? The common practice of parroting is crucial to the understanding of how modern-day education works. In schools, colleges, and churches, the teachers parrot only what they are told to, or want to, believe and teach. The doctrine of salvation, Covenants, Prophecy, etc is all taught based on what the teacher believes or wants you to know. This is the reason you can go to a Baptist church and receive a different doctrine than an Assemblies of God.

I remember listening to Prophecy teachers and they talked about the book of Daniel being sealed until the time of the end. They talked about how we are at the end, but when you listen to so many teachers, there are many different variations of what the truth is. If the book of Daniel is unsealed, wouldn’t it be clearer? Since Jesus taught from the book of Daniel, how is the book sealed?

These are just a couple questions that most Prophecy teachers cannot answer. They cannot answer the questions because they are parroting what they have been taught.

I have a minister friend who told me while in seminary, they had everyone purchase the book by Clarence Larkin, “Dispensational Truth”. They were instructed this book was the “Bible of End Day Prophecies”. Wouldn’t the Bible of End Day Prophecies be the Bible?

When people teach what they have been taught, with no further investigation into the claims, they are parroting. This is true with prophecy, this is true with history, this is true with any other teaching. It is the very reason we are to study the Word of God for ourselves. I believe it is one of the many reasons that Y’shua said only a few would find the path.

Since we know that only a few will find the path; how do you know that you are one? We’re told that many will be deceived, even the elect. How do you know you are not one being deceived?

In my travels around the country and my teaching of End Day Prophecies, I’m finding many people who are investigating the claims of the prophetic teachings and they are finding that there is no Biblical backing for the most popular of teaching. This is how we know if we are on the path. This is how we know we are not being deceived. We study the Word of God for ourselves. If we find that the teachings of the person we are listening too is not lining up with the Word, we need to find someone who is.

Come explore with me the teachings of the Word of God, you will find many answers being answered by the very book that is the source of all answers... the Bible.

God Bless and enjoy