In this section of the site, we're going to post treasures that YHWH has shown me in His Scriptures which He preserved for us. This is the reason I started this site to begin with and why it's called Revelations Revealed. The definition of revelation is to reveal and if we understand how to study Scripture, the Ruach haKodesh will make connections through the Scriptures you are studying. By using the techniques and understanding I've revealed in Bible Study Tips, I'm posting here and in Misunderstood's, the revelations which have been shown to me.

I pray you enjoy.

There are many books written by people who claim to have gone to heaven and returned. There are many stories of these encounters. There's also books where people have claimed to go to hell and return. I say claimed because I have a litmus test for these stories and books.

In the Bible, we see Y'shua bring Lazarus back to life after four days dead and there was not one single word of going to Heaven and returning. Likewise, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Paul, and John all had visions of heaven. None went to Heaven and returned. Even in their visions, they could only speak of one thing - YHWH and that which surrounded Him.

On the contrary of what we see in Scripture, most every book written about Heaven talks about grandparents, parents, pets, children, mansions, rivers, grass, trees, etc and gives little space to seeing YHWH, if He's mentioned at all. A person who goes to Heaven cannot see anything except YHWH because that's what it's about. Books about hell talk about being tortured by demons. The fact is, eternal destruction was created for demons to be and not man. Man will send himself to destruction but it's not to be tortured by demons.

You're probably wondering why I am discussing this on a page talking about revelations from Ruach haKodesh.

If you believe that Ruach haKodesh has revealed truth to you, use this litmus test. Is it about man, about you, or is it focused on YHWH? The fact is, everything is about Yah and little about man. Don't misunderstand me please. I'm not saying we don't receive from it, but it's not about man.

I was at a private business that had devotions in the morning for their employees. The employees were not forced to attend but if they wanted to, they were paid to attend the devotion. I attended one of these devotions and afterward I was talking to the owner of the business. He kept talking about heaven using all the metaphors we see in Scripture and I looked at the man and said, "I'm not interested in going to Heaven." The man started to try to sell me on Heaven, eternal life, streets of gold, pearly gates, mansions, peace, tree of life, etc. I told the man that he must have misunderstood me. I was not interested in going to Heaven, my goal is eternal life with the living God.

The fact is, Heaven is about YHWH and any other pleasures we receive from Heaven is a result of that eternal life with Yah. When we look at Scripture, we see a focus on YHWH and man receiving from a result of that focus. The joy we have, the peace, the confidence, anything we have is a result of our focus on YHWH. If you don't have these things then you need to look at your focus.

If you listen to the majority of preachers today, the focus of their sermons are about man. They have a man centered theology of practically everything in Scripture. The most obvious is the prosperity teachers and those who teach about power in our words. We see this man centered teaching in subtle ways as well. As with the pictures of Heaven, we see marriage about man, healing about man, the death of Messiah about man, salvation about man.

The fact is, if we see Scripture and the things of YHWH correctly, we see that the focus is on Him and not man. As mentioned earlier, we are still rewarded for this Yah centered message. Forgiveness is for His Name sake but we are forgiven. The death of Y'shua was for Yah's Name to be glorified, but His death will replace ours if we so accept it. Y'shua healed but it was to reveal the love and power of YHWH yet man is healed. The gifts of Ruach haKodesh is not about man, they are a witness to YHWH. Marriage is to show the image of YHWH but our marriage is near perfect in this image.

Scripture is not man centered, it's Yah centered. So, when someone tells you, "The spirit of God showed me…" listen to hear if it is man centered or God centered. If it's man centered, be weary of believing and following the teaching and don't follow anyone who focuses on a man centered theology. They have either missed the point of YHWH and Scripture or they are looking to heap followers of themselves.