In the movie Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd takes over driving to Colorado to return a suitcase to the woman of his dreams. While messing with a sleeping Harry, Lloyd takes the wrong entrance ramp and travels for hours in the wrong direction. When looking at the flat lands, and when they realize John Denver was not lying about the Rockies, they realized Lloyd made a mistake. That mistake was no different due to good intentions - it was still a mistake.

The He Get's Us Super Bowl Commercial is a very controversial commercial, mainly in the church atmosphere, because there are two major views. The reason there are two views is because of the different perspectives people have in life. A person who feels may like the commercial because they feel Jesus has been represented. Those who view things analytically may not like the commercial because they're thinking about what they are seeing rather than feeling. Other differences may be how much a person is engaged in the political atmosphere. Whatever the case, there's different feelings and views about the commercial.

I’ve took some time to read about the organization that put out the commercial (
He Gets Us) while also viewing the commercial several times and I want to share why I have concerns.

The organization says they want to change the way the young generation views Jesus. My question is, “what view?”. If they are changing the view of who Jesus really is then they will be bringing a group of people into idol worship and that needs to be avoided.

The church doesn’t support abortion. The church does not support the trans-gender lifestyle. The church does not want controversial subjects as trans-genderism, sex, and the likes being available to our young children in school. The church supports law enforcement. And this can go on. Because of these fundamental beliefs of the church we are heralded as a hate group. Parents fighting against certain books in school board meetings have been deemed terrorist. Singing and praying outside abortion clinics is a hate crime. Being against businesses who host trans-gender strip parties for the WHOLE family (that includes children) is seen as insensitive and hateful. If you don’t support these things you’re hateful and intolerant.

Here’s where the problem with the ad comes in. This ad was not directed at the world. It is NOT an evangelistic ad. The first clue is the foot washing. By and large, foot washing is a foreign concept to the lost in America. Foot washings are something the church understands, at least in part. Second, every scene is a depiction of what the media has pushing as “marginalized” having their feet washed by the “oppressor”. The police washing the feet of the BLM member. The woman washing the feet of the girl at the abortion clinic. The native having their feet washed by a white person. The trans having his feet washed by the priest. If this commercial was meant for anyone outside the church then where’s the police getting their feet washed, or the priest getting his feet washed? So, we now know who it was direct at.

Since the commercial was directed at the church, this organization then supports the overall charge against the church… “If you don’t agree with the lifestyle you hate the individual”. This is emphasized in their “loving your neighbor” campaign towards the church (which could open up a whole other can). In supporting that charge, they actually hurt the church rather than help it - despite their stated good intentions. By and large, the church does not hate these people, and most would go out of their way to help them if they were in need. The problem is, we don’t agree with their lifestyle and we preach change. That’s a huge issue in the world, and apparently to this organization.

I can’t get on board with this organizations other messages either. Jesus was not a refugee. He did not flee a waring kingdom for safety. He came to this earth in the form of a man to bring His AMAZING Kingdom to anyone who would follow after Him. Their statement paints a picture of hate towards those against open boarders.

Jesus did not sit and eat with just anyone. He ate with those who wanted Him for Him and not what He could give. He ate with those who wanted Him in spite of their past. Their statement paints a picture that the church will not lower themselves to eat with a person that’s lost.

There’s issues in the other pictures they paint but I’m going to keep this as short as possible as I’m sure my point was made.

When it comes to Jesus washing the feet of His disciples, it was an act to show how HE forgives sin. While He washed the feet of Judas, He still called out that He was not clean. This is a point that failure to repent is a failure to be clean; despite Jesus’ actions for salvation. An other point made by His washing his disciples feet was on the point that the disciples argued on who will be greatest in the Kingdom, Jesus gave a physical example of how the Kingdom of God works through a foot washing; a master is no greater than the servant. Jesus washing feet was not an acceptance of their sin; which this commercial paints.

Based on their bad theology, it honestly appears they are trying to change the view of who Jesus actual was and also paint a bad image of the church. I can’t support this.

The interesting thing is, while looking at their financial records, they support good Biblical causes. Because of this, the progressive left HATE them. They call them a hate group. They have become a victim of the system but this organization also packed the gun powder in the rifle for them.

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