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So, I'm starting a new section on Marriage because this is a huge weakness in America and in the church. It's a shame that divorce is just as high in the church as it is in the world and I fully believe it's because we have a lack of DEEP Biblical knowledge of what is being said and how we are to respond to it.

Unfortunately, the church has long misunderstood Scripture on the roles of man and woman and this misunderstanding has caused a mis-teaching and this mis-teaching has led to a resistance in the way God meant a marriage to operate. I hope to open the eyes of those who want their marriage to grow deeper so they can live a life together as God designed.

This study is going to dive deep into meanings a purposes of marriage and how we are to operate.

My wife and I have never been married before and, as of the start of this study, we've been married for 36 years. Our marriage has not always been the tranquility of companionship that most hope for when getting married. We were not saved for much of our marriage and, while my wife had her errors, I messed up in our marriage royally. The fact that our marriage is still alive today is because of the tenacity of my wife and then our salvation in Messiah Y'shua and the understanding, and following, of Biblical principles in our lives and in our marriage.

Since our understanding of the Biblical principles of marriage, we've continued now for fifteen years with hardly a misunderstanding and only one or two heated disagreements that I can remember. I believe this number to be true because I've checked with my wife and she can't remember any others either; and, as men know, if the wife can't remember a disagreement then it did not happen.

We have attended marriage classes before and the leaders tell us we are delusional if we think we don't have marital fights. We've even heard this said from our pastor in the pulpit. The fact is, if we can be honest with ourselves and accept Scripture for what it says then a marriage can be joyful, happy, and peaceful while taking great pleasure in each other's company.

When I say "accepting Scripture for what it says" I don't mean the distorted theology's we are use to hearing of totally subservient wives who are quiet and stay home to watch the kids. I mean Biblical purpose of marriage and our rolls within it.

There are some steps you must take before continuing with this study.

1. Don't blame everything on the other person. It's easy to look at the other person and think they are not giving you what you need. The fact is, they may not be giving you what you need because you are not giving them what they need. We're going to look at this deeper in the future.

2. Be honest with who YOU are. Don't go to the text to see what your spouse is not doing correctly. When YOU read the Bible, it's not written to them - it's written to you. Look at Scripture to see what it's saying to you and then apply that to your life.

3. Don't blame yourself for every error in the marriage. As we will soon see, marriage is a two way street and neither person deserves all the blame.

4. Don't come to the text with preconceived notions of a time and book that says that women were second class citizens. We do know that history tells us that women were treated less than men, almost less than human, in many cultures but I'm here to tell you the Bible is not intended to portray that image of women; and we'll see this truth quickly in this study.

I hope you return often to see updates on this subject as, I believe, it will help improve your marriage.

I've started pages of intended subjects with the notation "coming soon" next to them. These are intended subjects that will be completed over a short period of time. The list is not inclusive and may change as I feel led to do so.

God Bless