There are portions of Scripture that people are confused about. Sometimes it's just a bad translation of a word or two and that is often compounded by ministers doing their best to explain the confusion. I want this section to help address some mistranslations, misunderstandings, and bad explanations that have arose over time.

Before we start, understand that the purpose of Gods Word is infallible but man has translated from a first century context different language to the language your Bible is in today. This is not hard to understand as we see slight differences in translated text from one Bible to the other. There is no perfect translated text. I'm sure I made the King James only people upset with that but it's just truth. There are errors that can cause some confusion when trying to understand the Bible.

NEW OR RENEWED - We all have heard of the Old Covenant and New Covenant. Was the word for New translated correctly? Let's look at history and Galatians to see what the Bible is telling us.

USE OF SPIRIT IN THE BIBLE - There's a lot of theology about the spirit or a spirit in the church today. What does the Bible tell us and how was this word used by the original authors and readers of this text?

MEATS? - Did you know there is a prophecy, in the Bible, that says at Christs second coming people who eat pork will be consumed with the hypocrite?

JESUS IN HELL - After the crucifixion of Christ, did He descend to hell to preach to dead humans captive in a holding place? This popular belief supports a theology of purgatory that the Bible does not support. What was Peter really telling us?

BELIEVE IN - All across America, there is a theology that's being taught that we just need to "believe in" Jesus, as believe He is the Messiah, and we are saved. Is this what "believe in" means in Scripture?

PROPER AIM - God taught me how to aim a gun. He taught me by using how to shoot a gun as an example to show how the aim of the church is off. Let's look at what was showed to me and what the Bible says on the subject.

THIRTEEN TRIBES - We always hear about the 12 tribes of Israel but the Bible actually tells us about 13 tribes. Where were the 13 Tribes?

POOL CALLED BETHESDA - Did you know the pool called Bethesda was a pagan pool? This is the reason behind the story.

EYE OF THE NEEDLE - Jesus said it's easier to get a camel through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to make it to Heaven. There's a popular teaching around this statement but history tells us this teaching is a lie.

FORSAKEN LAMB? - We explore the confusing notion that Jesus was forsaken by God on the cross.

EARRINGS AND PEARLS - What is the meaning of the text of Matthew 7:6 talking about valuable things before dogs and pearls before swine?

WHO IS THAT WOMAN? - Is the story told by the church the proper picture being painted by John about the woman at the well or is there something more beautiful and telling?

WRONG DAY? - Church tradition tells us Y'shua died Friday and rose again Sunday morning but the Bible tells us it was three days and three nights. What are we missing?

EASTER IN THE BIBLE - Did you know gentile commingled the celebration of easter and Passover in the Bible?

FOLDED NAPKIN - Is the story circulating around social media about the folded napkin correct or is John trying to tell us more?

ONE HUNDRED FOLD AND THE PROSPERITY MESSAGE - There's an unBiblical twist to the "prosperity message" and their hundred fold teaching. What does the Bible really say?

WHO'S THE THIEF? - Let's look at a vastly mistaught portion of Scripture about a thief coming to steal, kill, and destroy.

IS SIN WITHIN US? - There's a common theology that projects to other theologies that claims sin is not just what we do but it's whats within us. Is that what the Bible communicates?

NEPHILIM - Let's look at the literary contextual, historical, and archeological evidence of who these nephilim / giants were.