All my life I have seen End Times teachers looking to the European Union, the New Rome, to come to power and present the world with the Antichrist. Most of these teachers are parroting what has been told to them from the University they attended without taking any consideration to where the knowledge originated.

The origin of the teachings of the feet in Daniel 2 and the last beast in Daniel 7 is important as to check credibility. How credible is the teaching we are hearing?

The teachings are coming from a book written by Clarence Larkin named Dispensational Truth. The teachings of the feet and last beast in Daniel have been changed four times. Why would this be? Is it for the lack of knowledge of Roman History, did he not study the foundation enough, or did he not want to rattle the cages of certain religious sec’s.?

The real question that should be asked here is, why are we still teaching from a book that has been proven to be inaccurate?

In this paper, we are going to take an in-depth look at the feet of the statue in Daniel 2 and the last beast in Daniel 7.

The city of Rome was built between 10 BC and 8 BC, and soon after became a force to be reckoned with. The religion of Rome was paganism which worshiped many sorts of gods (sun, sea, night, etc)
Until Constantine became Cezar in 293 AD, the Christians were persecuted by the hands of the Romans and Jerusalem destroyed.

Then Constantine, in 312 AD, came upon a cross and claiming to have heard a voice to conquer, later declared Edict of Milan (313 AD) to protect the Christians; making Christianity the countries religion.

In 331 AD, Constantine then issued another Edict that declared that those who did not fall under the religious beliefs of Rome be persecuted and killed. It is said that more Christians were killed under this Edict than before the reign of Constantine.

Constantine continued to head the pagan priesthood as the Pontifex Maximus and needed a similar title to head the Christian church. The Christians called him “Bishop of Bishops” while he continued to call himself Vicarius Christi, Vicar of Christ. [“Woman Rides the Beast” - Dave Hunt pg46] The two religions then were joined as the Catholic Church.

While the Catholic religion tends to point at Peter (the disciple of the Christ) as being the first Pope; these historical facts point to Constantine as the founder of Catholicism and the first Pope.

Shortly after the death of Constantine, Western Europe broke away from Eastern Europe. This split has been historically known as the east/west split and has been claimed to be the fall of the Roman Empire. But did Rome really fall?

After the Roman Empire fell the Bishops rose themselves up and took on the titles of Constantine; Pontifex Maximus (Bishop of Bishops) and Vicarius Christi, Vicar of Christ (Substitute of Christ).

“If a man considers the original of this great ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the Papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof...” Thomas Hobbs (17th Century Historian)

This was the beginning of the “Dark Ages”; given the name because the Bible was forbidden.

When we understand the history of Rome and Catholicism, we then understand the legs and feet of the statue.

The two Iron legs represent Rome. The two represent the east/west split. The iron in the legs never truly ending, but becoming the feet mixed with clay, is the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic kingdom never ended. Though their popularity has risen and fallen, they work just as hard today to maintain their power.

The toes of the statue are the ten unions that have been formed around the world and who all seem to be connected to the Catholic Church in one way or another. The Catholic kingdom grew much greater than Rome could imagine; and has become a world empire, whose leader answers to no other.

The fact that people look at the EU as the revived Roman Empire is far from the facts. Rome never ended, it only changed its shape.

Now, teachers look to Rome as where the
Antichrist man will come. There are two reasons for this, first is the scripture in Daniel 9:26 “.And the people of the prince who is to come; Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.” and from the belief that the feet in Daniel 7 are the last kingdom. Check out Daniel's Story

Understanding that Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD, and the Catholic Church is the extended Rome. And, understanding that the Catholic Church is the feet of the statue in Daniel 7; this brings whole new meaning to who the
beast is.