Hello, Today we are going to talk about the authorship of Revelation and Revelation 13:15.

If I were to ask you, “Who wrote the book of Revelation?” What would you say?

I’d say John wrote the book.

No, he didn’t

Yes, he did

No, he didn’t

Yes, he did. That’s why a lot of people call it the Revelation of John.

Ok, Who wrote the book of Romans?


"I Tertius, who wrote this letter, greet you in the Lord." Romans 17:22

Yes, He wrote it; but he only wrote what Paul told him to write.

What did John write in Revelation?

He wrote what he saw in the visions given by God.... oh my, John did not write Revelation. Like Tertius, John only wrote what God instructed him to write.

That’s right. Revelation is called the Revelation of Messiah Yeshua and God is the author. I don’t mean that God inspired John, or guided John. Like Paul being the author or Romans and Tertius writing down what he said, God is the Author of Revelation and John wrote down what God showed him.

Everyone who studies Scripture knows, in order to fully understand the letters of Paul, one must look at what Paul has been through, where he’s at during the writing of the letter, the manner of Paul’s speech, and his character. This would mean, in order to fully understand, and come to a good interpretation of Revelation, the reader must be able to look at the context of God. This would be who He is, how He’s communicated different issues in the past, and His character. This can only be done by a diligent seeking after and studying of God. This helps us understand, more clearly, how the knowledge, or wisdom, we see so often needed for this book comes from this Book and is not an academic wisdom.

When we put all these truths together, we start to see a different picture of Revelation. We understand that Revelation is a prophecy; and prophecies are warnings to His people in which He shows them their condition, gives them a warning of what will happen if they remain in their condition, and a promise of blessing if they come out of the condition of error. Now, we understand that God is the author of this book. So, when we look at Revelation 13:15; we may see a totally different picture.

"And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain." Revelation 13:15

This is one passage that has people thinking there is going to be a
new world order type government or person ruling the entire world. It’s assumed that this power will kill people who do not worship the image.

It’s understandable that
this image is money, prosperity, things of this world. What the video of the image for further depth in this understanding. We also understand that these characteristics are of a symbolic image; thus the characteristics are symbolic. It’s not a real image of a beast, it’s a symbolic image; with symbolic breath and speaking. With all this wisdom, let's look at this verse and let’s see what it’s saying.

First of all, notice what it’s not saying. It’s not saying that the beast kills those who don’t worship. Nor is it saying the people, who built the image, kill the people who don’t worship. We can actually start to see this play out today (2023). While no one is being killed yet, look at the divide and animosity being pressed toward anyone who defends moral standards. Their message is toned down or completely blocked. Hatred and name calling is given straight to them. They may end up on a terrorist list.

At the beginning of the verse we see that the beast gives the image breath; which is to say, it’s brought to life or realization. The beast is successful at making a society of wealthy people which the world worships.

Notice, when we continue in the verse, John says the beast would cause the image to BOTH. Underline that word in your Bible - BOTH. It would both speak. This would be a false doctrine that follows this image. That seems to be none other than the prosperity message that is completely un-Biblical but has people serving God only for what they can get in return - the riches and things of this world.

Now, back to BOTH. It would both speak and cause those who don’t worship it to be killed. This is not the beast doing it, nor even the people but rather a system that causes the deaths.

Look at it like this. For those who worship the image, and receive the mark of the beast for worshiping the image, they will forsake the Laws, and instructions, of God in order to gain the wealth and material things. Remember, Revelation is directed to the people of God under the New Covenant; being the church. It’s not directed to the world because they are already lost and need a warning of the Gospel and not a warning of apostasy. Those who don’t will die. Most Bibles say “be killed” so let’s look at the character of God real quick.

It’s the purpose of God that we don’t store up riches and not be rich towards Him. Those who store up riches are fools and will die. The people who follow God are to buy what they need and then help others in need. This is loving one’s neighbor as themselves. Right now, according to US news, it would cost about 30 billion dollars a year to cure world hunger. American’s alone - God’s country right? - spends 87 billion a year on Christmas alone. Enough money to cure world hunger almost three times over. They give up only 5 cents for every 100 dollars to missions. It is evident, by a simple study of Scripture, that God measures the integrity of our faith by our caring for the poor. To a God who lust is adultery, and hate is murder, would the selfish, and materialistic, nature of the church today, while thousands die each day, be considered murder? As we don’t love our neighbor and we have allowed them to die without even lifting a hand; while we live in the affluence of the system we have created.

Remember that Revelation is a warning to a church that has become materialistic; and the second beast is directed specifically to the churches in America that have created a so-called prosperity gospel image, looking for their own riches, things, and comfort while not doing the work of God and not caring for our neighbors needs of food, clothing, shelter, and especially salvation; not loving our neighbor as we do ourselves. Therefore, this image, this false materialistic gospel system, we’ve created, has caused those who are not apart of it, or worship it, to be killed by a system of covetousness and self-centeredness.